Soiree Debauche Tour

Oct. 11, 2011 9:00pm at Gallery 5, Red Palace, The Ottobar, The Rex, Richmond, D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh, VA, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvannia

Soiree Debauche Tour
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Beginning, Tues, Oct 11th, SOIREE DEBAUCHE will descend upon four cities to deliver an evening of vaudeville, burlesque and music, which will include an all-star line-up of talent, style and pure debauchery! Hosted by, “The Carny Preacher” ARMITAGE SHANKS, SOIREE DEBAUCHE brings together a cavalcade of the East Coast and beyond’s most sought after performers for a soiree of s...alacious and gritty entertainment.

Witness a travelling show like no other! Bask in the glory of all that is evil as the cast and crew of SOIREE DEBAUCHE hits the road this fall on a 4-city tour. Revel in hypnotic sounds, sideshow antics, vaudeville tricks, sinister singing, and over-the-top costumes with enough macabre to make Edgar Allen Poe smirk.

The all-star lineup includes “The Carny Preacher” and sinister master of ceremonies, ARMITAGE SHANKS, Baltimore’s Sicilian Princess and founder of Gilded Lily Burlesque in Baltimore, MARIA BELLA, burlesque barber and co-founder of Gilded Lily Burlesque, LITTLE LUNA, Washington, D.C.’s own sideshow girl and member of The Accidental Circus and The Cheeky Monkey Sideshow, MAB JUST MAB , vaudevillian mastermind of The Tilted Torch from D.C., MALIBU, New Orleans firecracker from Slow Burn Burlesque, NONA NARCISSE, The Mezmer Society accordionist and singer from Asheville, NC, AUGUST HOERR, Richmond’s very own travelling musician, member of the famous Slomski Brothers and MC of Gilded Lily Burlesque, MARK SLOMSKI and joining him is a rare gathering of amazing musicians on ukulele, steel drum, guitar, bass and accordion that will collide to form THE SLOMSKI FAMILY BAND! And our sexy stage kittens, LAUREN MARLEAUX and BITSY BUTTONS will be adding a bit of dark and dirty flavor to the mix.

Combined this cast flaunts an impressive list of talents! Something wicked this way comes so prepare yourself for the debauchery!

October 11th-Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA as a kickoff for the Carnival of 5 Fires. Doors 8pm, Show 9pm. Tickets $15 or buy a package deal for 3 shows for only $25.

October 12th--Red Palace in Washington, DC. Doors 8pm, Show 9pm. Tickets $10.

October 13th--The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD. Doors 8pm, Show 9pm. Tickets $15.

October 14th--The Rex, in Pittsburgh, PA. Doors 8pm, Show 9pm. Tickets $15.