Carnivalesque: 9th & Beats, Washington, DC

Mar. 1, 2013 9:00pm at 9th & Beats, Washington, DC

March 1, 2013

9pm. $20

9th & Beats

1219 9th St. NW

Washington, DC


Harkening back to a bygone era of dust bowl circuses & traveling sideshows, Carnivalesque stars international cabaret legend Armitage Shanks, The Carny Preacher, Burlesque Hall of Fame’s 2012 “King of Boylesque” Russell Bruner, “Baltimore’s Sicilian Queen” Maria Bella, Sideshow phenom, “Pain Proof Girl” Mab Just Mab, vaudeville contortionist, juggler & magician Jonathan Burns, aerial & pole artist Patsi Cake, the burlesque delights of Gilded Lily’s Gigi Holliday & songstress Sophia Sunday, as well as a bevy of buxom beauties and handsome hunks plying their trade at the Carnivalesque Cooch Tent & along Mab’s Midway. 


Far more than your run-of-the-mill burlesque or nightclub event, Carnivalesque offers an immersive experience into the enticing world of acrobats, freaks, roustabouts, barkers, dandies and women of questionable virtue.


Try your hand at games of skill on the Midway! 

Be shocked & amazed by oddities inside our “Ten-In-One” with sideshow poster art by James Taylor 

Hear dark tales of extraordinary madness whispered into the ears of fallen maidens! Thrill to lithe sensuality of aerial artistry and athletic aplomb!

Enjoy the twist & turns of flexible comedic contortion!

Step Right Up!  All who enter will be transformed!  


Featured Performers:

Maria Bella (Baltimore)

Armitage Shanks-MC (Seattle)

Russell Bruner (Portland)

Mab Just Mab (DC)

Jonathan Burns (PA)

Patsi Cake (Baltimore)

Gigi Holliday (DC)

Sophia Sunday (Baltimore)

Lauren Marleaux-stage kitten (Baltimore)

Cricket-stilt walker (DC)


Cooch Tent:

Kay Sera

Mourna Handful

Valeria Voxx

Cherie Sweetbottom

Missy Aggravation

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